Youth Soccer Rules

Rules for youth soccer, soccer rules for youth and official soccer rules, and simplified rules are discussed in this article.

Youth soccer rules for fouls, kickoffs, goal kicks, offside, corner kicks, obstruction, hand ball, yellow and red cards, free kicks, dangerous play and more. All the rules are explained in simple terms that you can understand even if you have never played or coached soccer.

The official soccer rules are often difficult to understand. They are often modified by youth, indoor, and recreational soccer leagues. Check with your league for a copy of their rules. Typical modifications by youth leagues are discussed.

The rules and definitions are cross-linked for easy navigation. For example. the section on "Fouls" explains "Direct Kick Fouls" (for which the fouled team receives a direct free kick) and "Indirect Kick Fouls" (for which the fouled team receives an indirect free kick) and is linked to "Cards" because some of the fouls are explained at "Yellow Cards" and "Red Cards". The links and organization make it much easier to understand than if you try to read the official rules.

Following are links to an index of over 70 soccer rules.